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Related post: Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 03:04:05 EST From: Subject: On Boss' YachtOn Boss' YachtAt age 18 I landed the best job that a teenager could hope for. The job was at an auto plant and I was thrilled. My mother worked at the plant in the offices and pulled some strings to get me in. At 18 I was making great money and I loved my job and co-workers. sweet nude lolita lolita I even liked my bosses. Since my mother knew all the upper management I got sunny lolitas cute nude a job in an easy area doing nude gallery boys lolitas light labor. My mother's management buddies would stop out occasionally and shoot the shit with me, and I like that. I especially liked it when her friend Rich play adult loli games would come visit me. Rich was the highest ranking manager in my department. For some reason he took a liking to me, I assumed that it was because he knew my mom. I was aware that I was gay at the time and I was comfortable with that. 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I smiled when I saw Rich young lolita teens porn and waved hello. His boat was huge, it looked like it was brand new. After getting onto the boat I looked around discreetly. I was looking for his daughter because I wanted to know what I was getting into. Rich could tell what I was doing, he said "I have some bad news, my daughter had plans for today and couldn't break them. Its just going to be the two of us today, if that's okay with you?" I could child lolita super models tell from that moment that the day was going to be more than fishing and talking. To his question I answered "great" and we then prepared to depart.We hadn't been 50 yards out when I was asked if I'd like a beer. I took the beer and drank it as I enjoyed the view of the cape and of Rich's crotch. His swim trunks were just long enough to conceal his package. I stared at the area every chance I got. Rich seemed oblivious to my deep stare as he manned the captain's controls. free pic lolita girl After about 45 minutes of travel and light conversation we stopped and dropped anchor. I couldn't see another boat in any direction. Once the anchor was dropped Rich removed his shirt exposing his tan torso thick with long dark hairs. He reached for the sunscreen and began applying it to his arms and face. "Can you put this shit on my back" he asked. perteen lolita kids girls "Sure" I eagerly responded. I filled my hand with white lotion and I began rubbing his back ls lolitas preteens digest slowly. As I applied the sunscreen I started getting aroused. I didn't know what to do, I figured that I would just slow down and maybe it would go down soon. I was wrong! Rich thanked me and turned around to give me the sunscreen to apply onto myself. He noticed my half-erect cock, but he didn't say anything. He just said "turn around and I'll get your back now." I removed my shirt and turned around. 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Before he got the beers I heard something. younggirls lolita nude ilegal I turned lolita bbs toplist guestbook around and I saw Rich pissing off the boat in the front. little lolita 6-12 yo sweet cute lolita preteen I could underground russian lolita sample only see his back and a stream of piss but I was again aroused by the thought of him holding his meat. bookmark gateway ls lolitas He packed up his cock and returned with two fresh beers. When he sat down his shorts no longer covered his russian free lolita galleries whole package. His balls were almost completely exposed. The huge, hairy sacks caught my loli pics top 100 eye and I couldn't remove my eyes from them. My cock stood at complete attention now and I knew that I preteen lolita mafia links would not cp pics lolita nudes be able to hide this. My cock was over 7" and in the loli young sex model loose swim trunks I formed a sizeable tent. I grew concerned about this. To get away from the situation I excused myself and went to the front of the boat and tried to piss. I couldn't, I was too hard. And when I returned my secret was over. As a walked back to my chair Rich asked "what's the matter, too hard?" I was shocked! I walked up and saw that I wasn't the only one with a hard on. Rich was sitting just as he was when I had left, only now his cock was out and he was playing with it. Rich's tiny little lola sluts thick meat was swaying with the waves. He had about 8 1/2" and the cock was thick from base to tip. The head was like a perfect mushroom. Rich stood up with his great big meat out and removed his swim trucks completely. natural lolitas sexy preteens He said "it's always nicer to fish in the nude, why don't you get naked." I didn't argue, I did as he asked as quickly as naked lolita top 100 I could. "Nice cock" replied Rich. "Thanks, you little lollita nude models too." No sooner than I finished my sentence Rich lowered himself to my free loli cp porn crotch and began sucking me. I moaned as my inches were being serviced. He took my cock down his throat with ease. He pumped his face on my cock hard and fast. As he sucked he jacked his own meat.There I was in the middle of nowhere on a $500,000 boat getting head from my boss. lolita pics 9 15 I enjoyed the great head and I enjoyed my surroundings. I'd never had sex young little nude lolly in such a open area."I want to suck you" I said, and without Rich missing a stroke I was lying on the floor of the boat 69ing with him. As his cock entered my mouth I could taste his precum, I swallowed that as well as the rest of his cock immediately. Sucking went on for at least ten minutes until Rich stopped and stood up so he could rest briefly. Rich rested, I did not. He was facing away from me so I licked what was nearest to me. My tongue attacked his ass crack like a blitzkrieg. I pushed him over the side of the boat so I could get in deeper. I licked his sweet, hairy asshole until I made him scream in ecstasy. Every so often I would reach around him and collect his precum free lolitas naked picture for savoring. Rich loved me to eat his asshole. After only lolitas privado porn pictures five minutes of sucking his ass he warned me that he was going to shoot. I turned him around and said "I want it!" I stroked his cock off rapidly. He shot his enormous load onto my face and into my mouth. He then descended on me and sucked my lips with his. We very young pregnant lolita savored the hot load together for many minutes in the hot sun."What now?" I asked after a few moments of panting for breath. Rich replied "Don't worry, kid, we'll figure something out" with a sly grin on his gorgeous face. After that hopeful response he put his nude angel lolita bbs swim trunks on non nude lolli teens and resumed the activities of fishing. As we fished I noticed two naked young teen lolitas other yachts nearing. The nautical treasures that approached were manned by treasures of their own. On first yacht that came into close view was two stunning men in their late 50's. The other was manned by a guy about 40. The owners of these yachts, including Rich, spoke kind words back and forth. Soon this private spot on the water became a party hangout. The guys from the little lollita girls art other boats hot teenie lolitas nude tied up to Rich's and came aboard after we all finished fishing and getting showered down below the deck of the yacht. I had to shower alone, much to my disappointment, because Rich had to stay and talk to his new buddies. The sun had set by this point and I was sure that we would have to stay on the water all night. I was right! The five of us drank beer and partied well into the night. Rich became intoxicated first and he "spilled the beans" about what we free german lolita underage had done earlier that afternoon. Upon hearing this Jon, Dave, and Joe spoke simultaneously, "REALLY!" Jon was 55, 5'10" tall, heavy, hairy (even on the back). Dave was 60 and in good shape, 6' tall, lolitas nud galleries pichers slightly hairy, and very business-like. Joe was 40 years old and the charming little lolita top young one of the three. Joe had the cutest round face and underage lolita panty pics a sexy, chunky frame. After the "REALLY" was spoken the questions began firing a me from three different angles. "How do you free russian lolita videos know anything about that sort loli model top ilegal of thing" asked Jon. I fielded his question and prepared for others. After the other questions came I began extreme tiny preteen lolitas to explain my position as best as I could without saying that I was wrong (because I am not ashamed of anything I do). The guys reacted to me very differently than I thought they would. Dave spoke out "that sounds interesting." Then Jon said "even fun!" Joe didn't say a word, but when I looked over at him I knew that he didn't have a problem with a guy sucking another guy's cock. How I knew free lolita preteen models was that he had his cock out and was playing with it. My eyes bulged out of their sockets, and the others surprised me even further by following Joe's lead and exposing their lovely cocks. How did I get so lucky I asked myself. I surmised that I didn't little sexy lolita pics need to ask permission, so I got on my knees and was a good boy. First I opened my mouth wide for Dave, whose cock stood fully erect and measuring 9" or more (and he was uncut, with lots of foreskin). I received his meat willingly, I was able to get most of it down on the first stroke. I sucked him hard and fast, almost like I was trying to get him off quickly. I wasn't though, I wanted this dream to last all night. As I serviced Dave the other guys watched and played with their tools. The heat of the moment got to Joe soon and he joined me on the deck of the yacht and began sucking off hardcore cartoon lolita drawings Jon. "Looks like fun guys" said Dave while he watched me suck him and Joe suck Jon. "I'd like ta try it too!" Dave too knelt down mega lolita nude pictures after he removed his long cock from my mouth. Rich promptly filled up his wanting mouth. That left me alone to watch, and watch I did. I didn't even want to blink in fear granpa porn lolita movies that I might miss a blow. I wandered over against side of the boat and sat with my eyes fixated on the action being performed in front of me. I focused on the exchange of little lolitas pussy world passion between Dave and Rich. I assumed that this cock sucking was something new to these men but Dave had apparently participated 15 yo girl lolita in gay sex before (or at least fantasized about it). Dave underground russian illegal lolita was experienced in the field of sucking cock. He worked Rich's cock like a pro, and prelolita free 10yo russian his treat to Rich was being appreciated deeply. Rich moaned loudly, and begged Dave for deeper head. His request was honored and the cock disappeared even further. I wanted to share the feeling of Dave's mouth but I wasn't about to upset the situation, plus I figured that my time would come. The scene with Jon and Joe was just as hot and erotic. They had progressed into a nice 69 position sucking and fingering each other's asshole. The two men writhed in passion as the fingers disappeared into the rumps. I jacked my own meat while I watched this and became unable to resist entering the mix. Without asking I approached Jon and Joe; I joined them on the floor of the boat and began sucking on Jon's ass. He rocked his hips and spread his cheeks with his hands as I serviced his gorgeous pump pot. He wanted it! I wanted to give it to him. So I did! I got up on my knees and entered Jon without any assistance from lube of any kind. lolitas art fotos penetradas I slid into him easily even though the hole was utterly the tightest ass I'd ever had the pleasure of filling. He took my 7" like a man. Jon lolitas pre teens nudes wanted to take my cock in different positions so he got up on his hands and knees. Joe crawled over near Jon's behind to watch this fuck show, which left an opening that Jon wanted filled. "Give me your cocks" Jon demanded of Rich and Dave. They both eagerly walked over to Jon's face. Then they stood there in front of him giving Jon the choice of who to do first. He grabbed both cocks and sucked Rich's for a few strokes then to Dave's for a lolita nudist top paysites few. When he wasn't sucking the one man he would jerk their dick hard and fast. Jon preteen lolita pussy com wanted to lolita sex young girl filled with cum.I'd say that Jon got his wish of being filled with cum. 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I felt him get soft in my mouth and I enjoyed sucking his limp meat. The foreskin began to return over the head and I had my tongue inside it. Dave was finished after that and he went across the boat to a lounge chair.I wasn't done being dominated yet however. Joe gathered me in little angels lolita nude his arms and then bent me over for more ass abuse. He fucked me for over 10 minutes. He stuck me deep. Joe's nude lolita euro pic cock wasn't as long as Dave's but he certainly was thick! The thickness of his rod stretched me out in another way from the way Dave had. After Joe nonude preteen nymphet lolita blew his load in me Jon found ls magazine loli bbs my hole with his old man meat. He violated me like I was a dirty whore (I younf naked lolita girls guess young girls lolitas art I was at this point). While Jon banged my ass Rich filled my mouth with his huge manhood. Rich just fucked my face with all his might. 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